Leadership of Modern Islamic Boarding School : Study of Internalization of History, Role of Kyai, team building in development Pondok Modern Al-Istiqamah Ngatabaru

Sa'ad, Sa'ad and Pettalongi, Sagaf S and Ubadah, Ubadah (2022) Leadership of Modern Islamic Boarding School : Study of Internalization of History, Role of Kyai, team building in development Pondok Modern Al-Istiqamah Ngatabaru. In: International Conference on Islamic and Interdisciplinary Studies (ICIIS), 18 - 19 Oktober 2022, Palu.

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The history of the progress and decline of a civilization in the past is able to provide an overview and learning for future generations and provide a way to achieve the vision and goals, especially in the field of education. Historically, Islamic Boarding Schools are the oldest educational institutions in Indonesia, until now they still exist in carrying out timeless education and learning, even though there are not a few Islamic boarding schools that no longer exist because they are no longer able to adapt to the times or are left behind by their kyai. The existence of the Al-Istiqamah Ngatabaru Modern Islamic Boarding School Education Center which until now continues to squirm in its development as a Modern Islamic boarding school. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Education and Learning process at Pondok Modern Al-Istiqamah Ngatabaru continued as usual, this was an achievement in itself which was the cottage's ability to face such extreme changes in times, when all schools in Indonesia and even almost all parts of the world stopped face-to-face activities while learning activities are only distance learning using internet-based learning methods. The purpose of this study was to determine the history of the modern Islamic boarding school Al-Istiqamah Ngatabaru and the leadership of the kyai in developing Islamic boarding schools. The approach method used by the author is a qualitative approach, while the design of this research is a case study at the Al-Istiqamah Islamic Boarding School, Ngatabaru. The qualitative approach was chosen because the researcher wanted to understand the meaning of the research subject in depth, in order to understand the meaning and symbols of the kyai's leadership in developing education. On May 2, 1993, the Modern Islamic Boarding School Al-Istiqamah Ngatabaru was officially established by KH. M. Arif Siraj, Lc. On the vacant land he bought covering an area of three hectares, in Ngatabaru village, Sigi Biromaru district, Sigi district. In carrying out the organizational development of kyai H.M. Arif Siraj, Lc. Able to make himself an ideal leader in the eyes of his subordinates through his charisma, he is very good at motivating and inspiring his subordinates to have a high spirit in devoting themselves in the cottage, the team building approach is also able to improve team performance in carrying out their duties when it comes to a solid team. In addition to interacting with the internal cottage, also interact with the external community of the cottage, namely the community, especially through lectures and Friday sermons.

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