Avoiding Mistakes in Understanding the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW with Yūsuf Qaraḍāwī's Hermeneutics

Kamarudin, Kamarudin and Sarib, Suprijati and M. Arib, Juhrah and Putra, Sudarmadi and Rahman, Rahman (2023) Avoiding Mistakes in Understanding the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW with Yūsuf Qaraḍāwī's Hermeneutics. AL QUDS : Jurnal Studi Alquran dan Hadis, 7 (1). p. 49. ISSN 2580-3174

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This article aims to analyze the methodology for understanding hadīth according to Yūsuf Qaraḍāwī. This study uses library research methods to analyze data. The primary data are Qaraḍāwī's work, while the secondary data are books and journal articles relevant to the topic of this study. The results of this study indicate that Qaraḍāwī offers eight steps to understanding hadīth, namely defining hadīth based on the Qur'ān, collecting hadīth thematically, compromising contradictory hadīths, identifying asbāb al-wurūd of the hadīth, distinguishing changing and unchanging means, differentiating between the literal and figurative language (majāz), recognizing the unseen and the real, and confirming the meaning of the words in the hadīth. Some points that must be avoided in interacting with ṣunnāh are the interpretation of the ignorant, the deviation of the extremes, and the manipulation of the heretics. Furthermore, the basic principles in interacting with ṣunnāh are examining the validity of hadīth based on the scientific principles established by hadīth experts, understanding the editorial hadīth properly according to the language instructions and the context of the hadīth, and ensuring that the matān of the hadīth does not conflict with the nāsh of the Qur'an or other hadīth with a more powerful position

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