The Effectiveness of English Kids Song in Increasing Vocabulary of The Second Grade Students’ at SD Inpres 3 Tatura Palu

Fitri, Marsya (2023) The Effectiveness of English Kids Song in Increasing Vocabulary of The Second Grade Students’ at SD Inpres 3 Tatura Palu. Diploma thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Datokarama Palu.

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The use of a kids song as a vocabulary learning tool aims to motivate students in the learning process. They are more interested and also get new illustrations and vocabulary to express ideas in English, considering that vocabulary knowledge is an important tool for a second language.
With regard to this, the description in this thesis departs from the problem is the English kids song effective in increasing vocabulary of the second grade students' at SD Inpres 3 Tatura Palu?
In this research, the researcher used quantitative research, with a pre�experimental research design, One Group Pretest-Posttest Design. The researcher took the location at SD Inpres 3 Tatura Palu. The population in this study were all grade 2 with a total of 56 students. The researcher took a sample of class 2B with a total of 28 students, using a purposive sampling technique. The instrument in this study used a test, which was carried out twice, the first pre-test and the second post-test.
In this research the critical t-table using 0.05 level significance and the degree of freedom (DF) = 27. Based on the results of statistical value analysis, the t-count value is 8.241 while the t-table (27) is 1.706, and the significance value is (0.000). It can be concluded that t counted (8.241) > t table (1.706) or a significance value (0.000) < (0.05). This means that Ha is accepted and H0 is rejected. In other words, the use of English kids song was effective in increasing the vocabulary of the second graders of SD Inpres 3 Tatura Palu.
The use of English kid's songs in learning can be an alternative to increasing students' vocabulary, its’ fun and uplifting nature can increase children's enthusiasm for learning. Doing several repetitions can help students remember the lyrics and the vocabulary. However, it must remain under supervision so that the learning process is more directed.

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